Nutrition & Fitness Coaching in Smithville, TN

Everyone understands that health matters, but many people simply do not have the time and energy it takes to it educate themselves regarding exercise and nutrition. I’m here to help you navigate through all the gimmicks and marketing that predominate the “dieting and fitness” world and assist you in living healthier and feeling more energetic. Your health is an investment, not an expense.



Personalized Nutrition Coaching


Welcome! I’m Caroline Cantrell: a passionate mama, a wife, a nutritionist, a CrossFit Level 1 trainer at Vitality Fit that my husband and I own together, and a strong believer. I have always been fascinated with nutrition and fitness and have recently wanted to turn my passion into a job. I have a strong desire to be a leading example to not only my family, but those in general, and help others feel energetic and alive through healthy lifestyle and eating habits.

I hold nutrition certifications by both the Nutritional Coaching Institute and Precision Nutrition. I am continually educating myself on the best methods to implement for all of my clients, as needs differ from person to person. My goal is that you will not only experience physical growth, but internal growth, as well – through learning more about yourself & your relationship with food.

My goal is to help everyday people build strong bodies and create lasting health habits. No “diets,” no cookie-cutter plans. I will work for you, on the condition that you work for you! Together, and with a little tenacity, we can crush your goals and find your best self.

–Caroline Cantrell


Personalized Nutrition Coaching Plan

3 Month Commitment Required
  • Initial assessment & consultation (75 min)
  • Bi-weekly online check-ins
  • Body composition analysis
  • Basic nutrition education
  • Learn the fundamentals of a balanced diet
  • Progressively designed custom nutrition plan
  • Macronutrient calculation, if desired
  • Individual, goal-based assignments/strategies
  • Each plan is unique to the client and can be tailored to fat loss, strength, muscle gain, and overall general wellness.

One-Time Nutrition Consult + Macro Set-up (optional)

$85/One-Time Fee
  • This service is ideal for the individual who has basic understanding of nutrition and/or macro nutrient tracking, but desires some direction and guidance. The consult includes a one-hour meeting outlining the following:
  • Overview of current lifestyle and eating habits
  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses
  • Revision of food log
  • Addressing of any questions or concerns you have
  • Macro set-up (specific protein/fats/carbs), if desired
  • Specific strategies to implement and habits to work on (You will be asked to complete a virtual questionnaire that will allow me to learn more about you and your goals prior to our meeting.)
  • This service does not include weekly check-ins or macro re-adjustment (if applicable) that is reflected in the 3-month coaching service.


Who is nutrition coaching for?
My coaching services are for those who are serious about getting in the best shape of their lives – FOR the rest of their lives! Amidst the chaos that is everyday life for many, I am here to bring you the accountability, flexibility, and guidance you need to keep on track with your goals. There is no crazy diet. There are no tricks, no pills, no deprivation. Together, we will focus on building a foundation to live a healthy lifestyle that you can make work for your day-to-day life.
What happens at the initial consultation?
You can expect a relaxed, conversational visit, where we will explore your goals, motivation, and lifestyle. We will discuss your priorities and what fuels you. (We can also establish baseline measurements and progress indicators, if you are interested.) From the initial visit, I will then create an action plan, consisting of real-life strategies, that I will send to you as your first phase of nutrition coaching.
How do I get started?
Simply get in touch with me. We will then set up a time and location to meet up together.
Why the 3 month commitment?
With my coaching methodology, I feel that this commitment is an appropriate amount of time to really get a grasp on the new changes being made in your lifestyle and witness results that are here for the long-term.
What happens after the 3 months are up?
Once the 3 months are up and you wish to continue on with your progression in health/fitness, you are able to renew and review your package with me.


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